Semalt: What Is And Is It Legit?

In 2014, the rise of a phantom site called as started to irritate and baffle the web developers and bloggers. The webmasters observed that was present in their Google Analytics accounts. always shows up under your referral traffic subsection and impacts the Google Analytics data by making it look like illegitimate. Lots of visits might hit your site, and these referral hikes might exceed 40 additional site viewers every day. While the traffic seemed to be harmless, various web developers and bloggers were annoyed and tired because an unknown site was interfering with their Google Analytics data. is known to drive malicious traffic, and the web developers have formed some ways to get rid of it.

What is Darodar Doing and Why?

Darodar calls itself as professional and famous webmaster analytics tool that can help you improve the ranking of your website in the search engine results. also states that it will help you evaluate and monitor the keywords your competitors have targeted and will send you trackable and high-quality traffic within a few business days. According to Artem Abgarian, the Semalt expert, is a competitor analysis program. It messes up your Google Analytics data and collects information from your site that can be shared with your competitors later on. While it's too tough to determine Darodar purpose of crawling the sites, we feel that it is harvesting information on a daily basis.

Is it a bad bot or a Russian phish?

It's difficult to say that whether is a bad bot or a Russian phish. When this company started snagging bandwidth across the World Wide Web in 2013, various webmasters speculated that it was sending quality traffic and the bots were harmless. If is a bad bot, it will definitely affect your site's bandwidth and will slow it down within days, modifying its search engine ranks. And if it is a Russian phish, Darodar will penetrate your Google Analytics account and will use your site to develop its own backlinks. The Skype account of this company's representative says that Darodar is America-based. When a webmaster traced the breadcrumbs back to, he noted that the company was based in Russia and was advertising itself as an American firm.

How to block

You can either exclude as the referrer in your Google Analytics account or can eliminate it in the .htaccess file. For the first method, you should go to the Admin > Filters > + New Filter section and name your filter as Then you should select the Exclude option and add the filter to it. Don't forget to save the settings before closing your window. In the second method, you can block directly in your .htaccess file. The first step is to open this file and add the below code in it:

RewriteEngine on

# Options +FollowSymlinks

RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} darodar\.com [NC]

RewriteRule .* - [F]

Once you have added this code, you cannot undo the changes and have to use your site as such.

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